• California native Liat Cohen found her Miami experience to be collaborative and inspiring.

    A first-generation college student and the second daughter in a close-knit family, it was almost unthinkable for Liat Cohen to leave home. But “go away to college” she did—across the country, from California to Florida, finding her new home at the University of Miami.

  • Alex Kamphorst discusses how his extracurricular involvement led him to his true passion of public relations.

    When Alex Kamphorst arrived at the University of Miami, he was a marine science major with aspirations to work in marine conservation. In fact, the prestigious undergraduate program at UM’s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science first attracted Kamphorst to attend Miami. But after a year in the program, Alex became skeptical of his career choice.   

  • Originally from Ceriano Laghetto, a small town just outside of Milan, Italy, Aurora Occa has certainly traveled and accomplished plenty throughout her collegiate career.

    Aside from the School of Communication’s top-notch Ph.D. program and varied resources, Occa fell in love with the school’s culture and compatibility with her interests. In May, she will graduate with a Ph.D. in Communication.

  • Running into S. Molly Dominick is guaranteed to leave you with a laugh, or at the very least a smile. The Illinois native’s decision to study at the University of Miami was reinforced by the School of Communication’s stellar studios and highly-ranked programs, which solidified her decision to pursue a career in comedy. Dominick will be graduating with a major in broadcast journalism and minor in interactive media.